Song facts: In My Life

On October 18th 1965, the Beatles recorded John Lennon's timeless Rubber Soul ballad, In My Life. The song was mainly written by Lennon but credited to Lennon/McCartney; there are differing accounts as to McCartney's input.

Lennon first wrote the song in the form of a poem, reminiscing of his childhood years but was extremely unhappy with the lyrics. He later re-wrote the song using very few of the words from his original draft.

George Martin provided the instrumental piano bridge. The song was almost completed in one day aside from Martin's piano instrumental, which was added a few days later.

In My Life was released on Rubber Soul on December 3rd, 1965.

The Beatles' first bassist Stuart Sutcliffe.

The Beatles' first bassist Stuart Sutcliffe.

According to Lennon's biographer Peter Shotton, the lyrics some are dead and some are living refer to Stuart Sutcliffe; the Beatles' first bassist and close friend of John's.