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Dylan rolls a joint for the Beatles

On August 28th 1964, Bob Dylan reportedly turned the Beatles onto cannabis. The band were in the midst of their 1964 American tour and were introduced to Dylan at New York's Delmonico Hotel by a mutual friend. While at the hotel Dylan rolled a joint and passed it to the Beatles.

Paul McCartney had somewhat of an epiphany after smoking one of Dylan's joints, claiming he was thinking for the first time. He instructed Beatles' road manager Mal Evans to follow him around the hotel and take notes of what he was saying. This notebook was unfortunately later confiscated by the Los Angeles police and lost.

"I remember asking Mal, our road manager, for what seemed like years and years, 'Have you got a pencil?' But of course everyone was so stoned they couldn't produce a pencil, let alone a combination of pencil and paper.

I'd been going through this thing of levels, during the evening. And at each level I'd meet all these people again. 'Hahaha! It's you!' And then I'd metamorphose on to another level. Anyway, Mal gave me this little slip of paper in the morning, and written on it was, 'There are seven levels!' Actually it wasn't bad. Not bad for an amateur. And we pissed ourselves laughing. I mean, 'What the fuck's that? What the fuck are the seven levels?'

But looking back, it's actually a pretty succinct comment; it ties in with a lot of major religions but I didn't know that then."

- Paul McCartney

The Beatles and Bob Dylan, 

The Beatles and Bob Dylan, 

On this same day the Beatles also appeared on the cover of LIFE Magazine.

The Beatles on the cover of LIFE Magazine, August 28th 1964.

The Beatles on the cover of LIFE Magazine, August 28th 1964.