Album facts: Anthology 3

On October 28th 1996 The Beatles released Anthology 3, the third and final installment in their Anthology series of compilation albums. This third album focuses on sessions from The White Album, Let It Be and Abbey Road; as well as a handful of previously unreleased songs. 

For the first two Anthology albums Paul, George and Ringo worked on unfinished John Lennon songs: Free as a Bird and Real Love. For Anthology 3 they were planning on using another unreleased Lennon composition titled Now and Then, but the song was unfortunately scraped due to the poor quality of the recording. According to Paul McCartney, George Harrison wasn't overly fond of the song to begin with. 

"And there was another one that we started working on, but George went off it...that one's still lingering around, so I'm going to nick in with Jeff and do it. Finish it, one of these days." - Paul McCartney

In place of Lennon's ill fated track is a George Martin instrumental titled A Beginning; which was originally intended as the intro to Ringo's Don't Pass Me By on the Beatles' White Album. The cover was designed by The Beatles longtime German friend Klaus Voorman, who was also responsible for creating the Revolver cover.

Chart position

Anthology 3 reached number one in the US on November 16th 1996; The Beatles' third double album in a row to reach the top spot in America. It was also certified 3x Platinum by the Record Industry Association of America.

Track listing

Disc one

1."A Beginning" (instrumental)

2."Happiness Is a Warm Gun" (home demo; mono)

3."Helter Skelter" (Take 2 edited; mono)

4."Mean Mr. Mustard" (home demo)

5."Polythene Pam" (home demo) 

6."Glass Onion" (home demo) 

7."Junk" (home demo)

8."Piggies" (home demo; mono)

9."Honey Pie" (home demo; edited from 2:01) 

10."Don't Pass Me By" (Takes 3 & 5)

11."Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" (Take 5)

12."Good Night" (rehearsal & Take 34) 

13."Cry Baby Cry" (Take 1) 

14."Blackbird" (Take 4) 

15."Sexy Sadie" (Take 6) 

16."While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (demo)

17."Hey Jude" (Take 2) 

18."Not Guilty" (Take 102)

19."Mother Nature's Son" (Take 2) 

20."Glass Onion" (original mono mix) 

21."Rocky Raccoon" (Take 8) 

22."What's the New Mary Jane" (Take 4) 

23."Step Inside Love / Los Paranoias" (jam)

24."I'm So Tired" (Takes 3, 6 & 9) 

25."I Will" (Take 1) 

26."Why Don't We Do It in the Road?" (Take 4; mono)

27."Julia" (Take 2) 

Disc two

1."I've Got a Feeling" (Savile Row sessions) 

2."She Came In Through the Bathroom Window" (Savile Row sessions) 

3."Dig a Pony" (Savile Row sessions)

4."Two of Us" (Savile Row sessions) 

5."For You Blue" (Savile Row sessions)

6."Teddy Boy" (Savile Row sessions)

7."Medley: Rip It Up / Shake, Rattle and Roll / Blue Suede Shoes" (Savile Row sessions)

8."The Long and Winding Road" (Savile Row sessions; master track with Phil Spector alterations removed) 

9."Oh! Darling" (Savile Row sessions; edited from 6:37) 

10."All Things Must Pass" (demo)

11."Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues" (Savile Row sessions)

12."Get Back" (Live at the The Beatles' rooftop concert

13."Old Brown Shoe" (demo)

14."Octopus's Garden" (Takes 2 & 8)

15."Maxwell's Silver Hammer" (Take 5) 

16."Something" (demo; mono)

17."Come Together" (Take 1) 

18."Come and Get It" (demo by McCartney)

19."Ain't She Sweet" (jam)

20."Because" (a cappella

21."Let It Be" (Saville Row sessions) 

22."I Me Mine" (Take 16)

23."The End" (remix featuring final chord of "A Day in the Life")

 The Beatles' Anthology 3 font cover, 1996. 

The Beatles' Anthology 3 font cover, 1996. 

 The Beatles' Anthology 3 back cover, 1996. 

The Beatles' Anthology 3 back cover, 1996. 

 Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and George Martin working on Anthology, circa 1994.

Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and George Martin working on Anthology, circa 1994.

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