EP facts: The Beatles (No. 1)

On November 1st 1963, The Beatles released their third British EP The Beatles (No. 1). The EP contained four songs previously available on the band's debut album Please Please Me.

The cover photo was taken from the same photo shoot as Please Please Me.

"The release of this latest batch of constantly requested stage-show favourites in EP form coincides with the first anniversary of The Beatles' arrival on the pop scene. They seem to have achieved so much during this first stand-out year that, short of getting themselves a Fan Club branch on the moon or something equally incredible, I doubt if there are many more strengths for them to go on from or to!
I Saw Her Standing There is already a pretty permanent fixture of The Beatles' self-penned repertoire. It has a strong tune, a solid beat and one of the most effective sets of lyrics produced to date by the Lennon/McCartney team.
Misery is a second vehicle for the voices of John and Paul. Their joint delivery is so accurate that it comes over on record almost like a self-duet performance. It tells a delicate lost-love story sadly and hauntingly.
Anna brings out a curiously satisfying quality of plaintive rawness in John's voice. The number is one of his personal favourites.
Chains is (or are!) used to bind together the voices of George, John and Paul in a hard-hitting finale to this pungent little programme." - Tony Barrow

Track listing

  1. I Saw Her Standing There
  2. Misery
  3. Anna (Go To Him) 
  4. Chains
 The Beatles (No. 1) EP released November 1st, 1963.

The Beatles (No. 1) EP released November 1st, 1963.

 John Lennon, 1963. 

John Lennon, 1963. 

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