Song facts: You Won't See Me, Girl, Wait

 The Beatles 1965.

The Beatles 1965.

On November 11th 1965, The Beatles finished recording their next album Rubber Soul. At this session the band recorded three songs: You Won't See Me, Girl and Wait.

You Won't See Me

You Won't See Me was written by Paul McCartney about his then girlfriend Jane Asher. McCartney was feeling rejected and vulnerable when Asher wouldn't return his phone calls and seemed to be distancing herself from him; something evidenced in the lines We have lost the time that was so hard to find, and I will lose my mind, if you won't see me.

Being on a deadline to complete Rubber Soul that night, the band recorded and completed You Won't See Me in only two takes. So pressed for time they were that Beatles roadie Mal Evans played Hammond organ on the track.


  • Paul McCartney – lead vocal, bass, piano
  • George Harrison – backing vocal, lead guitar
  • John Lennon – backing vocal
  • Ringo Starr – drums, tambourine
  • Mal Evans – Hammond organ


Girl was written by John Lennon, though McCartney claimed after to have contributed the lines Was she told when she was young that pain would lead to pleasure and That a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure. But Lennon later stated those lines were his as a commentary on Christianity.

 "I was just talking about Christianity, in that - a thing like you have to be tortured to attain heaven.. be tortured and then it'll be alright, which seems to be a bit true but not in their concept of it. But I didn't believe in that, that you have to be tortured to attain anything, it just so happens that you were." - John Lennon
 "The Beach Boys had a song out where they'd done 'la la la' and we loved the innocence of that and wanted to copy it, but not use the same phrase." - Paul McCartney  


  • John Lennon – lead vocals, acoustic guitars
  • Paul McCartney – backing vocals, bass guitar
  • George Harrison – backing vocals, classical acoustic guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums


    The last song The Beatles recorded at this session was a track originally intended for Help!. Wait was a song that didn't make the grade earlier that year, and as the band were under pressure to complete Rubber Soul they unearthed this older track, adding new vocals and instruments.

    The original sessions for Wait took place on June 17th 1965. 


    • John Lennon – double track vocal, rhythm guitar
    • Paul McCartney – double track vocal, bass
    • George Harrison – lead guitar
    • Ringo Starr – drums, maracas, tambourine
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