George Harrison dies

On November 29th 2001, Beatles' fans grieved the loss of George Harrison, after a long battle with cancer. 

Back in 1997, Harrison was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent radiotherapy treatment. After a time the radiotherapy was thought to have been successful. Then in 2001 the ex-Beatle had another cancerous growth removed from his lungs. But this unfortunately wasn't the last of it.

In the summer of 2001, Harrison traveled to Switzerland to be treated for a brain tumour. While there he was visited by Ringo, but Ringo could only stay for a short while as his own daughter was due to have emergency brain surgery. After telling George about his daughter, he looked at Ringo and said to his friend... Do you want me to come with you?

In November of 2001, Harrison went to New York to receive treated for aggressive lung cancer, which had also spread to his brain. On November 12th, Paul, George and Ringo met at George's hotel room in New York; the very last time all three surviving Beatles were together.

George passed away at Paul McCartney's home in Los Angeles at age 58, with his wife Olivia and son Dhani by his side. His last words were reportedly... Love one another

After George's death, his son Dhani and longtime friend Jeff Lynne completed Harrison's near-finished last album Brainwashed. George had left them precise instructions on how he wanted the album to be completed. 

 George Harrison in Hamburg, 1962. Photos by Astrid Kirchherr.

George Harrison in Hamburg, 1962. Photos by Astrid Kirchherr.

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