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On November 7th 1963, The Beatles flew from London to Dublin Airport as part of their 1963 Autumn Tour. They played two shows at the Adelphi Cinema in Dublin; the only date The Beatles played in the Republic of Ireland. 

"So the Beatles finished their first show and the crowd just shouted for more, more, more. The Beatles just could not get off the stage, they had to stay put. By this time there were 2,304 people looking for encore after encore. Time marched on and the crowd outside gathered for the late show. The crowds met leaving and entering from Abbey Street.
I thought the doors of the Adelphi would collapse with the crowds, and the Hideout upstairs would come tumbling down. The police arrived to keep a kind of order. Fighting started because some wanted to get out and others clambered to get in. Cars were overturned and one car set on fire.
I can also recall people on top of the roof taking photographs of the commotion below in Abbey Street. The crowds spilled out into O'Connell Street and windows were broken in Clearys, leaving a trail of damage in O'Connell Street. We were at a loss for future shows. What would we do? We never thought they would be so popular.
For future shows an answer was found. After the first show we would let the crowd out through Prussia Street at the back of the Adelphi and up to the Capitol Cinema, which was owned by the Farley brothers. That was the way the Beatles escaped that night.
The crowds still gathered during the second show. Many just to get a glimpse or photograph. Well, they [The Beatles] were in our care and we had to look after their welfare.
We asked the Independent [newspaper] to help out. They said the easiest thing would be to use one of their vans, so the boys could walk up the stairs and jump into the van and be taken to the Gresham.
The Beatles were all so nice, courteous and answered all the questions. They had respect for their seniors and called you sir. I look back on the day The Beatles came to Dublin as one of the shiniest days in my career." - Harry Lush - Manager, Adelphi Cinema
 The Beatles goofing around in Dublin, November 7th 1963.

The Beatles goofing around in Dublin, November 7th 1963.


Both shows at the Adelphi were watched by 2,304 screaming Irish fans. By all accounts Beatlemania was in full swing in Dublin with girls fainting and rioting outside.

The band stayed at the Gresham Hotel on O'Connell Street and traveled the next day to Belfast.

Set list

  1. I Saw Her Standing There
  2. From Me To You
  3. All My Loving
  4. You Really Got A Hold On Me
  5. Roll Over Beethoven
  6. Boys
  7. Till There Was You
  8. She Loves You
  9. Money (That's What I Want) 
  10. Twist And Shout
"Dublin was fantastic. The fans there really do go mad. Girls who fainted in the crowds outside the theatre were carried into their seats by attendants. Outside there was the biggest riot yet. It's a fact that cars were overturned and the police had to make several arrests. Inside it was incredible for noise and appreciation." - Peter Jay, Record Mirror
 Paul McCartney and George Harrison at the Adelphi Cinema, November 7th 1963. 

Paul McCartney and George Harrison at the Adelphi Cinema, November 7th 1963. 

 The Beatles in Dublin, November 1963. 

The Beatles in Dublin, November 1963. 

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