Song facts: I'll Follow the Sun

On October 18th 1964, The Beatles recorded I'll Follow the Sun for their forthcoming Beatles for Sale album. The song was later released in America on Beatles '65. McCartney wrote the song when he was only 16. On this day The Beatles also recorded three cover songs: Chuck Berry's Rock and Roll MusicBuddy Holly's Words of Love and Carl Perkins' Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby. 

A version performed by The Quarrymen has been widely circulated on the bootleg album You Might As Well Call Us The Quarrymen. 

"I wrote that in my front parlour in Forthlin Road. I was about 16. I'll Follow The Sun was one of those very early ones. I seem to remember writing it just after I'd had the flu and I had that cigarette - I smoked when I was 16 - the cigarette that's the 'cotton wool' one. You don't smoke while you're ill but after you get better you have a cigarette and it's terrible, it tastes like cotton wool, horrible. I remember standing in the parlour, with my guitar, looking out through the lace curtains of the window, and writing that one." - Paul McCartney
"That's Paul again. Can't you tell? I mean, 'Tomorrow may rain so I'll follow the sun.' That's another early McCartney. You know, written almost before The Beatles, I think. He had a lot of stuff..." - John Lennon
"It wouldn't have been considered good enough [to be performed by the group]. I wouldn't have put it up. As I said before, we had this R&B image in Liverpool, a rock 'n' roll, R&B, hardish image with the leather. So I think that songs like I'll Follow The Sun, ballads like that, got pushed back to later." - Paul McCartney


  • Paul McCartney – lead vocal, bass guitar, acoustic lead guitar
  • John Lennon – harmony vocal, acoustic rhythm guitar
  • George Harrison – lead guitar
  • Ringo Starr – percussion
"On the record we got Ringo to tap his knees. We were thinking in terms of singles and the next one had to always be different. We didn't want to fall into the Supremes trap where they all sounded rather similar, so to that end, we were always keen on having varied instrumentation. Ringo couldn't keep changing his drum kit, but he could change his snare, tap a cardboard box or slap his knees." - Paul McCartney
 Beatles for Sale album cover, 1964. 

Beatles for Sale album cover, 1964. 

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