Album facts: The Beatles' Christmas Record

On December 6th 1963, the Beatles released their first fan club Christmas record.

Simply titled The Beatles' Christmas Record, it contains various renditions of the traditional Christmas carol Good King Wenceslas, along with individual Christmas messages from all four Beatles. The record closes with Rudolf the Red-Nosed Ringo.

"All of the messages were recorded live although at one point in the proceedings Paul asked George Martin to feed playback tape echo into the studio as they spoke. George replied, with heavy sarcasm, "Do you want to make a production out of it?" George Harrison then chipped in with "Yeah, let's double-track everything!" and John offered his suggestion, "He can double-splange them! That'd be great!"

Mark Lewisohn

 The Beatles' Christmas Record, 1963. 

The Beatles' Christmas Record, 1963. 

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