Song facts: Come and Get It

Paul McCartney produced Come and Get It for the Apple group Badfinger on August 2nd 1969. McCartney wrote and recorded the song while The Beatles were still working on Abbey Road, but none of the other Beatles made any contributions.

On July 24th 1969, after arriving early at Abbey Road Studios before a Beatles' recording session, McCartney recorded a demo on which he played all the instruments. Paul gave the song to Badfinger on the condition that they record it just like he played it for them in his demo, which was later released on Anthology 3 in 1996.

"I'd written the song Come And Get It and I'd made a fairly decent demo. Because I lived locally, I could get in half an hour before a Beatles session at Abbey Road - knowing it would be empty and all the stuff would be set up - and I'd use Ringo's equipment to put a drum track down, put some piano down, quickly put some bass down, do the vocal, and double-track it. I said to Badfinger, 'OK, it's got to be exactly like this demo,' because it had a great feeling on it. They actually wanted to put their own variations on, but I said, 'No, this really is the right way.' They listened to me - I was producing, after all - and they were good. The song was a hit in 1970." - Paul McCartney

Beatles version

  • Paul McCartney — double-tracked lead vocals, piano, maracas, tambourine, drums, bass, handclapping

Badfinger version

  • Tom Evans - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
  • Pete Ham - Piano, Backing Vocals
  • Joey Molland - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Mike Gibbins - Drums, Percussion
  • Paul McCartney - Percussion, Production

Chart success

Badfinger enjoyed success with the song as a single, reaching number four on the UK singles chart and number seven in the US.

 Anthology 3. 

Anthology 3. 

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