Paul McCartney arrested in Japan

On January 16th 1980 Paul McCartney was arrested in Japan for possession of marajiuana. The ex-Beatle was there to launch a tour with Wings.

Customs officials found roughly 200 grams of marijuana hidden in McCartney's suitcase and detained him for a total of 10 days, while the rest of his family and band members stayed at the Okura Hotel. Wings' music was subsequently banned on all Japanese television and radio stations following the arrest.

The 10 days McCartney spent in Japanese custody is reportedly the only nights he spent without his wife Linda throughout their long marriage. Linda was furious at the authorities and vowed never to return when her husband was released. 

"It's really very silly. People certainly are different over here. They take it so very seriously. Paul is now in some kind of detention place and I have not been allowed to see him. As soon as they get someone nice like Paul, they seem to make a field day of it! I'll never come back to Japan again. It's my first trip and my last!" - Linda McCartney
 Paul McCartney 1980. 

Paul McCartney 1980. 

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