Album facts: Yellow Submarine

On January 17th 1969, the Beatles released Yellow Submarine in the UK. It was released four days earlier in the US on January 13th. Yellow Submarine is The Beatles' tenth studio album and a soundtrack to their animated film of the same name.

The album's first half contains six Beatles' songs, two previously released, two new George Harrison compositions and a new composition from both John and Paul. The second half is filled with instrumentals written and arranged by George Martin for the film.

Harrison's It's All Too Much and It's Only a Northern Song were recorded during the Sgt Pepper sessions in 1967. George intended the latter for release on Sgt Pepper but the song was omitted from the album.


  • Paul McCartney – Lead and backing Vocals, spoken vocals, Bass guitar, Double bass, Trumpet, Handclaps, Percussion
  • John Lennon – Lead and backing vocals, spoken vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Keyboards, Handclaps
  • George Harrison – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Lead Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion / Handclaps, Violin
  • Ringo Starr – Drums, Handclaps/Percussion, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals (on track 1)

Track listing  

Side 1

1.    "Yellow Submarine"    
3.    "All Together Now"    
4.    "Hey Bulldog"    
5.    "It's All Too Much"    
6.    "All You Need Is Love"    

Side 2: Orchestral film score

1.    "Pepperland"    
2.    "Sea of Time"    
3.    "Sea of Holes"    
4.    "Sea of Monsters"    
5.    "March of the Meanies"    
6.    "Pepperland Laid Waste"    
7.    "Yellow Submarine in Pepperland"

Unreleased EP

After the album received mixed reviews the Beatles considered releasing an EP without the film instrumentals. The EP was mastered but eventually shelved.

EP Track listing

  1. Only a Northern Song
  2. Hey Bulldog
  3. Across the Universe
  4. All Together Now
  5. It's All Too Much
 Yellow Submarine album cover.

Yellow Submarine album cover.

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