EP facts: 4 By The Beatles

On February 1st 1965, Capitol Records released their 2nd and final Beatles' EP in the US. 

4 By The Beatles was a collection of songs previously released on Beatles for Sale and Beatles '65 .

Capitol had already issued a similarly titled EP, Four By The Beatles, but the demand for EPs in the US was limited so they were eventually scrapped. 

Track listing  

Side one

  1. "Honey Don't" (Carl Perkins) - 2:56
  2. "I'm a Loser" (Lennon–McCartney) - 2:30

Side two

  1. "Mr. Moonlight" (Johnson) - 2:39
  2. "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" (Perkins) - 2:25
 4 By The Beatles EP cover, 1965.

4 By The Beatles EP cover, 1965.

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