Song facts: Fixing a Hole

Fixing a Hole was primarily written by Paul McCartney for The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The song is reportedly a tribute to marijuana.

"It was much later that I ever got round to fixing the roof on the Scottish farm; I never did any of that until I met Linda. People just make it up! They know I've got a farm, they know it has a roof, they know I might be given to handyman tendencies so it's a very small leap for mankind... to make up the rest of the story." - Paul McCartney


EMI Studios (later Abbey Road Studios) was unavailable on February 9th 1967; the day The Beatles were due to begin recording; on this day they were forced to record elsewhere. They booked into Regent Sound Studios at 164-166 Tottenham Court Road, London. Engineer Geoff Emerick was unavailable for the session so Regent Sound's chief engineer Adrian Ibbetson filled in for him.

The Beatles recorded the basic track, with Paul McCartney on bass guitar, Ringo on drums and George Martin playing harpsichord. Backing vocals were then added, along with John Lennon's rhythm guitar and a guitar solo by George Harrison. The track was completed back at EMI Studios on February 21st.


  • Paul McCartney – double-tracked lead vocals, bass
  • John Lennon – backing vocals
  • George Harrison – backing vocals, double-tracked lead guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums, maracas
  • George Martin – harpsichord

Jesus Christ sits in on the session

Paul McCartney was used to strange callers to his London home. Some he found interesting, others bored him. On February 9th 1967, before the band began recording Fixing a Hole, a man claiming to be Jesus Christ knocked on his door. Paul invited him in for tea and a chat. He said he'd take him to the studio if he was quiet and sat in the corner.

"The funny thing about that was the night when we were going to record it, at Regent Sound Studios at Tottenham Court Road. I brought a guy who was Jesus. A guy arrived at my front gate and I said 'Yes? Hello' because I always used to answer it to everyone. If they were boring I would say, 'Sorry, no,' and they generally went away. This guy said, 'I'm Jesus Christ.' I said, 'Oop,' slightly shocked. I said, 'Well, you'd better come in then.' I thought, Well, it probably isn't. But if he is, I'm not going to be the one to turn him away. So I gave him a cup of tea and we just chatted and I asked, 'Why do you think you are Jesus?'
There were a lot of casualties about then. We used to get a lot of people who were maybe insecure or going through emotional break downs or whatever. So I said, 'I've got to go to a session but if you promise to be very quiet and just sit in a corner, you can come.' So he did, he came to the session and he did sit very quietly and I never saw him after that. I introduced him to the guys. They said, 'Who's this?' I said, 'He's Jesus Christ.' We had a bit of a giggle over that." - Paul McCartney
 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band album cover, 1967.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band album cover, 1967.

 Paul McCartney 1967. 

Paul McCartney 1967. 

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