Song facts: All Together Now

All Together Now is a Beatles' song written primarily by Paul McCartney - with a few lines contributed from John Lennon. The song was recorded during the band's Magical Mystery Tour period, but was shelved until The Beatles used it for Yellow Submarine.

According to McCartney All Together Now is mainly directed at children. The title of the song is inspired by the tradition of music halls asking the audience to join in and participate. 

"It's really a children's song. I had a few young relatives and I would sing songs for them. I used to do a song for kids called Jumping Round The Room, very similar to All Together Now, and then it would be 'lying on your backs', all the kids would have to lie down, then it would be 'skipping round the room', 'jumping in the air'. It's a play away command song for children. It would be in G, very very simple chords, only a couple of chords, so that's what this is. There's a little subcurrent to it but it's just a singalong really. A bit of a throwaway." - Paul McCartney

All Together Now is introduced by The Beatles at the end of the Yellow Submarine cartoon film. This cameo was the band's only appearance in the film as themselves.


Single release

The song was released as a single in Germany and France in 1972, with Hey Bulldog as the B-side. 


The Beatles recorded All Together Now on May 12th 1967 at Abbey Road. Producer George Martin wasn't present at this session, so McCartney stepped up. It took less than six hours to record the song in nine takes; the last on was selected for later overdubs. 


  • Paul McCartney – lead vocals, bass guitar, handclaps
  • John Lennon – double-tracked lead vocals (middle eight), backing vocals, ukulele, harmonica, handclaps
  • George Harrison – backing vocals, acoustic guitar, handclaps
  • Ringo Starr – backing vocals, drums, finger cymbals, handclaps
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