Mal Evans dies

On January 5th 1976, former Beatle Roadie Mal Evans died tragically at the hands of the police, in an altercation in Los Angeles. Evans had been taking prescription drugs on this day and was very out of sorts.

Mal was in the middle of writing a biography on the Beatles; Living The Beatles' Legend, when his co-author John Hoemie visited and found him to be groggy and doped-up. During some ramblings Evans picked up a rifle, which Hoemie tried to grab from his hands, unsuccessfully. Hoemie then called the police, telling them Evans was confused and had a rifle.

Three police officers arrived at the scene shortly after. As soon as Evans saw the officers he pointed the rifle at them. They screamed repeatedly for Evans to put the rifle down, but Evans was unflinching and all three police officers fired several shots to his chest, killing him instantly.

Evans was cremated in Los Angeles on the 7th of January. None of the Beatles showed up for the funeral.

Evans began working for the Beatles in August of 1963, in the combined roles of Bodyguard and Roadie, because of his size. He contributed vocals and sounds on various Beatle songs and appeared in 4 out of the 5 films they made. He was around to witness up close and personal, the band's meteoric rise to fame and their subsequent downfall.

 Paul McCartney and Mal Evans, 1966.

Paul McCartney and Mal Evans, 1966.

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