Chart success: Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour album was released in the US on November 27th 1967. It wasn't issued in the UK as a full-length LP; all they got was a double EP with six songs from the Magical Mystery Tour film. This was released on December 8th 1967.

When the Beatles' catalogue first appeared on compact disc in 1987, the US album format became the worldwide standard.

Chart success

Despite the lacklustre reception of the film, the soundtrack was beloved by both critics and fans alike. The album reached number one on the US Billboard on January 6th 1968, and there it stayed for eight straight weeks.  

"Magical Mystery Tour is one of my favourite albums, because it was so weird. I Am The Walrus is also one of my favourite tracks - because I did it, of course, but also because it's one of those that has enough little bitties going to keep you interested even a hundred years later." - John Lennon

 Magical Mystery Tour album cover, 1967.

Magical Mystery Tour album cover, 1967.

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